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            Corporate Culture

            Core Values of Corporate Culture
            China Energy’s core values are embodied in our vision, strategies, philosophies, missions, core beliefs, and corporate motto as well as brand advertising and logo, which together form a complete system.
            Our Vision
            Build a World-class Demonstration Enterprise with Global Competitiveness
            Interpretation:The report of the 19th CPC National Congress calls for turning “Chinese enterprises into world-class, globally competitive firms,” which points out the direction of the reform and development of state-owned enterprises in the new era. China Energy has been designated by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council as a pilot company in building world-class enterprises with global competitiveness.
            Our Strategy
            Corporate Objectives and Goals
            Interpretation:China Energy strives to build a world-class energy enterprise with global competitiveness that focuses on innovation, leads the industry and creates great values. By promoting clean, integrated, refined, intelligent and internationalized development, it aims to achieve best performance in safety, quality, benefits, technological innovation, human resources, brand management, and Party building.
            Our Philosophy
            Empower Social Development, Boost Economic Growth
            Interpretation:With corporate philosophy embodied in industry attributes, corporate features and business pursuit, China Energy aims to provide safe, economical, clean and high-efficiency energy for people to enjoy a better life and secure energy supply for high-quality economic and social development.
            Our Mission
            Ballast for Energy Supply, Pioneer in Energy Revolution
            Interpretation:By fulfilling its political, economic and social responsibilities as a central enterprise, China Energy is committed to playing a pioneering role in implementing the new energy security strategy put forward by President Xi Jinping (namely, reforms to improve the energy consumption structure, build a more diversified energy supply structure, improve energy technologies, and optimize the energy system, as well as energy cooperation with other countries), serving as a stabilizer and ballast for ensuring China’s energy supply and security, and playing a strategic supporting role as a state-owned enterprise in promoting sustained, healthy economic and social development.
            Our Core Values
            Promote Green Development, Pursue Excellence
            Interpretation:Green development is the fundamental goal of energy development, and excellence is the ultimate goal to build a world-class enterprise.
            Corporate Spirit
            Diligence, Dedication, Innovation, Ambition
            Interpretation:Diligence and dedication are embodiments of President Xi Jinping’s statement that “socialism was established through action”, and innovation and ambition are the driving forces and direction for the enterprise’s development.
            Corporate Branding, Logo and Usage
            Brand advertising: China Energy: Empowering Eternal Development
            Corporate colors: Red , golden , elegant black
            Corporate logo: Adhering to the principles of centralized standards, classified usage, precise location, and being clear and impressive